Because of the major changes being experienced by this volatile industry, companies are seeking professionals with a wide variety of expertise to work on an interim basis. Our Contract Management Service was established to fulfill our clients’ need for senior and management level professionals.

Our Contract Management Services provide individual consultants or teams to take on specific responsibilities within the framework of a corporate objective for a specific engagement period. It is ideally suited when our Clients:

  • have an open position and are seeking interim management assistance while a search is conducted for a permanent candidate.
  • are seeking interim expertise in specific projects – be they financial, sales & marketing or operations.
  • are seeking an independent efficiency review of their operations.
  • are seeking a transition team to merge operations, to diversify or to close down.
  • are seeking to expand or diversify into a related operational field where they lack specific internal expertise.

Please visit our Contract Management Job Order webpage to place an on-line Job Order with Albion Management Resources.

Our Contract Management Services includes individuals who have the experience, knowledge and technical skills to undertake and complete the most challenging of projects.

Based on our database of candidates, Albion Consulting Services can offer you individuals or teams with expertise in all industry fields (railroad, steamship line, trucking, freight forwarding, airline operations, etc.) and in all disciplines (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Accounting, etc.) Although we cannot firmly guarantee it, our database of candidates is so widespread that we can locate candidates who may reside in close vicinity to the project workplace. Each of our consultants will be well qualified to undertake the specific project allocated and each will have chosen to commit themselves for the duration of the Engagement.

Our Contract Management Services involve an initial Project Assessment Review that seeks to define your objectives, defining your needs, requirements and goals. In addition we seek to determine the characteristics of the ideal consultant. With this Review in-hand, Albion will locate, recommend and assign the consultant who provides the best fit suited to our Clients’ specific needs. At any time, our Clients have the option to dismiss or request that we supply them with an alternative consultant for the project. Albion’s knowledge and experience in this industry allows us to avoid making the mistakes experienced by our non-specialist competitors – This way Albion, our consultants and our Clients each benefit. You won’t spend 50% of your budget training the Consultant!!

All of our fees are agreed in advance. Our fee schedule is flexible and can be extended or terminated in accordance with our Clients’ needs. We charge only for the actual hours worked by the consultant.

Here is a sampling of the outstanding and diverse talent that Albion can bring to its Clients.

Consultant: HDS

HDS’s career encompasses over 20 years of Senior Financial and Administrative positions within the International Logistics / Freight Forwarding Industry spanning Canada, the U.S. and Europe. He has held CFO positions with $250 MM - $500MM international organizations on both continents. He has managed all key support functions, including IT, Human Resources and Controlling and directly oversaw, managed and reported numerous foreign subsidiaries in most continents. HDS brings a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the international transportation business.

Consultant: MRS

MRS is a bright young executive with over twenty-four years of outstanding achievement in the freight forwarding industry. His major strengths include operations, sales and marketing, strategic planning, administration, financial planning and budgeting. Among his many accomplishments, MS has successfully managed the consolidation of seven companies into one operating entity, completed a major corporate re-organization, and conducted the integration of nine hundred employees through two acquisitions. MS has forged relationships with trading partners and customers across the globe and implemented a Customer Partnership Program at twenty-three corporate locations with notable results. His management style achieves success through a balance between customer service, employee motivation, operational excellence and financial results.

Consultant: PB

PB’s career as an international executive has been characterized by initiating the change required to develop global sales, establish strategic leadership, and generate revenue and profitability. He possesses a wealth of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, acting as President and CEO in both the U.S. and Canada. He has a proven track record for increasing corporate revenue through sales and operational expertise, personal leadership with key customers, quality of service and customer satisfaction. He possesses experience with the implementation of technology systems (MIS), expansion of services, opening new corporate locations, establishing global partner networks, company re-organizations, recruitment and formation of executive management teams, and the development of new products, services and sales strategies.

Consultant: RS

RS is a bright entrepreneurial executive with over twenty years of experience in global logistics management. He boasts a superb talent in the creation, design and implementation of global logistics systems and supply chain management solutions. RS has built and directed sales and customer service teams and has proven success in developing a large client base. As owner and President of a group of companies specializing in international freight forwarding and customs brokerage, RS gained expertise in executive management, operations, finance and administration.

Consultant: TN

TN’s strategic thinking as an Operations and Sales executive has led to his proven success in the Transportation industry for over twenty years. TS acted as President and gained ownership of various trucking, freight forwarding and warehousing companies, both as start-up operations and through acquisitions. As President, TN excelled at business planning and development, financial and operational analyses, attracting and managing top talent, and maintaining union relationships. As a transportation business consultant, TN performed due diligence reviews, negotiated acquisitions and increased revenues for major transportation corporations. TN also performed corporate restructuring and developed new corporate strategies and business plans at the operational and sales levels, which resulted in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Consultant: PHW

PHW has twenty-five years of multi-industry diversified executive level experience in international companies, with general management and profit and loss responsibilities. His outstanding accomplishments as President and CEO include taking his company public through a merger with a NASDAQ listed company, from the initial interest to successful completion, thereby tripling shareholder’s equity. PHW had complete operational responsibility for the logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehouse/distribution of several Fortune 500 companies. He has accomplished major growth and increased corporate revenues through servicing diversified customer bases, forming partnership/alliance programs with customers, creating budgeting/forecasting procedures, implementing online computer accounting and operations systems, and assuming a strategic acquisition program.

Consultant: JH

JH is a creative, entrepreneurial individual with 20 years of knowledge in all aspects of international cargo transportation, including strong managerial and sales experience. As a high level manager, JH has been responsible for all operational, administrative and commercial functions including profit and loss, budgetary concerns, documentation, customer service, computer systems, vendor negotiations, and performance reviews. JH has excelled at streamlining and improving operations through the development and implementation of several technological systems. Among these are: a new e-mail based documentation delivery system (the first in the NVOCC industry), a U.S. domestic LCL cargo distribution system, a "Purchase Order Communication System" realized through e-mail, and a customer profiling system using Internet communications. Through these accomplishments and his extensive experience, JH has succeeded in producing gross profit growth averaging thirty percent.

Consultant: RS

RS co-founded and developed a large NVOCC company, going on to manage its most profitable branch in the U.S. He has management expertise in all aspects of the logistics and shipping industry: operational, sales and administration. He excels in directing customer relations, servicing accounts, and forming relationships with overseas agents/partners, all leading to increased profitability and company growth.

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