Albion International Services, Inc.

Mergers & Acquisitions Portal

Primary Contacts: Peter Santangelo & Andrew Titley


Our M&A Service is "Buyer Driven". Based on your criteria, we will bring Sellers to your attention.

As a Buyer there are 5 steps to the process:

Step 1: Register as a Buyer by completing our Buyers Registration Form. There is no fee or obligation at this stage.
Step 2: Upon submission of your Buyers Registration Form, we will request that you sign a Finders Fee Agreement.
Step 3: Your Company (with the name redacted and referenced only by an unique identification number) will be listed as a Buyer on this and other appropriate websites. In addition, we will actively solicit interest in being acquired from companies that fit your criteria in the locations selected.
Step 4: When we bring a Seller to your attention, we will assist in the exchange of Confidentiality Agreements prior to releasing Company Names and any specific details.  We can also assist you in performing Financial/Operational Due Diligence if necessary.
Step 5: Having made the introductions, it is then up to you to negotiate and come to an acquisition agreement with the Seller.
All services are performed on the basis of "caveat emptor" or "Buyer Beware".  We cannot be held liable for any statements or representations made by Sellers


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