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The Albion Group of Companies is ISO 9001 Certified and specialize in services specifically in the freight forwarding and transportation industry. Albion International Services, Inc., established in 1991, offers financial and management services including Mergers, Acquisitions and Company Valuations. Our sister-companies Albion Management Resources, Inc. and Albion Quality Management Systems, Inc. offer Executive Recruitment and Quality Consulting services respectively.

For over 20 years, Albion's Financial and Operational Due Diligence Services have been used extensively within the maritime, freight forwarding, transportation and logistics industries.

When engaged to undertake a Due Diligence of a Company, Albion reviews and reports on the following:

√ Corporate Documents
√ Financial Statements and Reports
√ Monthly thru-put or gross receipts
√ Summary of items carried in the property and equipment accounts
√ Intercompany account analysis (if applicable)
√ Analytical Data Requirements by Service & Product Offering (Ocean, Air, Logistics, Special Projects)
√ Net Margin Contributions
√ Vendor List & Values
√ Product Mix and Profitability
√ Material Contracts and Commitments
√ Agreements with Suppliers
√ Sales Contracts
√ Leases and related matters
√ Employment Matters
√ Insurance Policies
√ Agreements with Affiliates, Directors, Officers and Employees and related companies
√ Agreements of purchase of assets
√ Noncompetition agreements, Secrecy/Nondisclosure agreements
√ Sales Representative/Distribution Agreements
√ Litigation/Claims
√ Tax Matters
√ Environmental and Other Regulatory Matters
√ List and descriptions of all liens and encumbrances, including UCC filings
√ Patents/Trademarks/Licenses
√ Title Reports or policies with respect to the leased premises

We will prepare a Due Diligence Quotation for you upon demand.

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