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Mergers & Acquisitions Portal

Primary Contacts: Peter Santangelo & Andrew Titley


As a Seller, there are 5 steps to the process:

Step 1: Register as a Seller by completing our Sellers Registration Form. There is no fee or obligation at this stage.
Step 2: Upon submission of your Sellers Registration Form, we will advise you of Fees and request that you sign a Sellers Fee Agreement.
Note: If we represent a Buyer who has a Finders Fee Agreement in place with us, this service is completely FREE to you.
Step 3: Your Company (with the name redacted and referenced only by an unique identification number) will be brought to the attention of all Companies in our database that have advised us of their interest in acquiring a Company in your location and that that fit the criteria specified.
Step 4: When we bring a Buyer to your attention, we will assist in the exchange of Confidentiality Agreements prior to releasing Company Names and any specific details.  We can also assist you in preparing a Company Profile or Company Valuation if necessary.
Step 5: Having made the introductions, it is then up to you to negotiate and come to an acquisition agreement with the Buyer.
Albion cannot be held liable for any statements or representations made by Buyers

To take the next step, please please proceed to our Sellers Registration Form to supply Albion with some confidential data concerning your company
Contact Albion for a confidential discussion.

If you would feel more comfortable, please download our Confidentiality Agreement, sign and scan a copy to in advance of any discussions.


Proceed to Sellers Registration Form