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The Albion Group of Companies is ISO 9001 Certified and specialize in services specifically in the freight forwarding and transportation industry. Albion International Services, Inc., established in 1991, offers financial and management services including Mergers, Acquisitions and Company Valuations. Our sister-companies Albion Management Resources, Inc. and Albion Quality Management Systems, Inc. offer Executive Recruitment and Quality Consulting services respectively.

For over 20 years, Albion's Company Valuation Services have been used extensively within the maritime, freight forwarding, transportation and logistics industries for numerous purposes including Bank Loans, Estate Planning, Insurance, legal disputes, selling of companies, for buying out partners, etc. In each instance, our Valuations have undergone extensive scrutiny and have been found credible and accurate.

When engaged to value the stock of a closely held corporation, or the stock of corporations where market quotations are not available, Albion takes into consideration all available financial data, as well as all relevant factors affecting the fair market value. No general formula may be given that is applicable to the many different valuation situations arising in the valuation of such stock. However, the general approach, methods, and factors which must be considered in valuing such securities are outlined below:

√ The nature of the business and the history of the enterprise from its inception.
√ The economic outlook in general and the condition of the business.
√ The book value of the business and the financial condition of the business.
√ The earnings capacity of the company.
√ The dividend-paying capacity.
√ Whether or not the enterprise has goodwill or other intangible value.
√ Sales of the stock and the size of the block of stock to be valued.
√ The market price of the stock of corporations engaged in the same or a similar line of business

Ultimately, Albion concludes a Fair Market Value consistent with the most widely recognized definition of value used by financial and legal professionals - namely, in the USA, Internal Revenue Service Ruling 59-60. Although not actually a law, this ruling has been given the force of law in numerous court cases involving the valuation of closely held securities. Its definition of "Fair Market Value" is used almost universally as a means of setting forth the purpose and meaning attached to valuation opinions. Revenue Ruling 59-60, C.B. 1959-1, 237 defines Value as: "The price at which the property would change hands in a competitive and open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller when the former is not under any compulsion to buy and the latter is not under any compulsion to sell, both parties having reasonable knowledge to relevant facts and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus".

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