In this industry, mergers and acquisitions are not just a financial modeling exercise. Strategy, competitive tactics, timing, organization and financial resources all play a critical role in assuring optimal, long-term value and success - whether you are buying or selling a company. Merger and acquisition expertise is gained only through experience. At Albion, we have the proven financial, operating and strategic skills needed to guide our clients through acquisition planning and execution. We work with our clients to build their strategy, identify and approach candidates, structure the transaction and help with integration planning. Our objective is to make acquisition a winning strategy for our clients. This is what Albion does best!

Each sale or merger of a business presents a unique set of challenges. There is no precise formula for timing the sale to maximize shareholder value, and personnel considerations often present conflicts. Although every business has assets, some are more immediately obvious than others. Reasons for selling or merging are not always clear. We understand the full process and its complex motivations. Our executive team of Peter Santangelo and Andrew Titley are both accountants and each has hands-on experience with the sale of both private and public corporations. We make it our business to fully understand our clients, their culture, performance, market segment and potential. With our detailed knowledge of the industry, we take all these considerations into account to properly position our clients to potential strategic partners, bringing them the highest value for their business. Our Merger & Acquisition Service is not limited to the USA. Using our international affiliations, we are able to offer a worldwide service to our clients.

All of our services are undertaken in the strictest of confidence and our clients can be assured of a highly discreet and confidential service.

If you are a buyer planning to utilize acquisition for growth, Albion's Executive Team will work with you to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your company's financial structure, organizational culture and geographic or functional expansion plans. This is essential to give us a comprehensive picture of both business and personal goals. Albion's executive team will then review your overall strategic needs, analyze industry trends to arrive at the proper acquisition strategy. We show you only candidates that fit the profile developed with you, assuring a complement with your company's direction, philosophy and financial structure. We invite you to spend a few minutes to complete our Buyers Questionnaire to advise us of your interest in hearing of Albion opportunities.

If you are a seller planning to divest or merge your company, Albion's Executive Team makes it our goal to understand your company's major strengths and disclose them to qualified prospects in the most favorable and strategic manner. We help to identify your objectives as a seller and structure a deal that best achieves your goals. Because a "good fit" is crucial for a successful merger, we work diligently to ensure that all involved parties are comfortable with the match.

For a detailed discussion on how Albion can assist you, we invite you to Email Albion.