Albion Management Resources, Inc. offers 3 alternatives for you to submit your resume details as follows:

As an email attachment: Resumes@Albion
Via Fax: Please see fax numbers on our Office webpage
Via Snail Mail: Please see addresses on our Office webpage


Albion also offers Temporary and Temp-to-Hire services in our Miami office. Visit the Albion Staffing Solutions web site for more information.

Albion also shows its appreciation to those of our supporters that refer candidates to us in the form of an America Express Gift Voucher if the person referred is employed by our client.

Albion is continuously seeking experienced individuals in the following areas: Import Entry Writers, Account/Sales Executive with business following and Team Leaders with staff and client following for Start-up Operations .

For a detailed discussion on how Albion can assist you, we invite you to Email Albion.